Woodstock Protest T-shirts

This t-shirt front & back exactly replicates the text of the Tabletop Protest Sign which played a pivotal role in the waning hours of Woodstock Ventures' last ditch "prayer in hell" of ever presenting a fair of any kind. Music, Art or 4-H Racing Pigs, Turtles or Cockroaches. Learn about the sign at mud2museum.com but please return HERE to buy a T-shirt.

Just like the sign, in eye catching red on white, this shirt screams "STOP the next generation AND their CRAZY new music! We don't like THEM!" Wear this shirt every August and get Hippie.

Available in four adult sizes:
Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
$20 each or three for $50
including USA shipping and handling

In the event you choose "3 for $50” and desire multiple sizes,
email me with your wishes after making Paypal payment

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