The Reservoir

For nearly twenty years I was the bass playing singer in a band. In the mid 80's I moved to Nantucket Island to reconnoiter my situation in life. Although I had composed songs on the acoustic guitar I never considered myself a solo performer as a singer/songwriter. Until I learned "Wichita Lineman". I continued to write while learning cover songs I could interpret effectively. I recorded this mostly original collection of songs prior to the summer of '95, which I spent on Cape Cod performing at dinner clubs, coffee houses and taverns from Falmouth to Provincetown.

Unfortunately the release of "The Reservoir" was delayed by manufacturer's requirement of clearance from Beach Boys Productions for my cover of Carl Wilson's "Angel Come Home". Memories of that summer; 1 - Onstage chair collapse at Harry's in Hyannis. 2 - Singing harmony back-up for Andrea & the Judge at a golf resort in Brewster. 3 - Dear friend Fred Waible joined me for a still resonating evening at Hyannis' first coffee shop. 4 - Guest DJ broadcast from Outermost Radio WOMR Provincetown where I also played KD Lang's "Constant Craving" to unforgettably moving response at a LGBT club just south of town.

Now after a full 20 years I still prefer to let the music speak for itself and truly hope you enjoy listening. Credit is due to a brutha from anutha mutha Jeff Hirsch, cajoled long ago into taking the photos for the package. Thank JAH!

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The Reservoir CD
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