Milk Carton Key Rings

These authentic milk cartons were state of the art containers in 1969.

These waxed board cartons were easily vacuum sealed and distributed by local farms for consumption at schools, businesses, and weekly delivery in porch boxes to most rural homes and expanding suburban developments. The small, red carton held only a half-pint of milk, while the larger green carton was a full quart size. Although Yargur Farms Dairy bottles can still be found online, these "corner crimped", original flip-top style wax boxes were more prone to deteriorate when left out in the elements. The result being they are much more rare.

The Milk Carton Key Ring is the only available keepsake depicting these unique artifacts from a by-gone era. In 1969 The Woodstock Festival had no sponsors. The farmers who rented their land to Woodstock Ventures, Max & Miriam Yasgur, gave away their milk to festival goers, in bottles and boxes exactly like these two which are destined for display in the Museum at Bethel Woods.

These key rings are offered in sincere tribute to the NY State dairy farmer and his devoted wife who determined that they would help to bridge the "generation gap" that had developed during the Nixon presidency, the Vietnam War, and the nationwide struggle for civil & womens' rights.

Woodstock Ventures partner & CFO, the late John Roberts said:"Without Max and Miriam Yasgur, there would have been no Woodstock Festival".

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MIlk Carton Key Ring Set
(Each ring includes two carton replicas)

$12 each, USA shipping included